Search for and training of new employees to a sales department

We offer a service that is unmatched in Estonia. The uniqueness of the service is that you do not have to train a new employee.

This service will be suitable, if during the search for personnel to your sales department the following problems occur:

● it is hard to find true talents, suitable for work in sales;

● potential employees’ experience is misleading;

● new employees demonstrate low productivity, because they do not cope with stress at work.

Our partner, who trains in intelligent sales, will deal with your employee individually. In addition to a full 10-hour immersion in sales, your new employee will not be abandoned at the initial stage of work.

Monthly coaching, ``selling`` sales scripts and a full analysis of sales cases. The long-term experience in active sales will be transferred to your new employee.

In the framework of this project you will receive:

● Selection of the right employee.

Classes with a new employee once a week for 2 hours, along with compulsory homework.

Introduction to the specificity of the customer’s business.

In-depth written analysis of the work (recordings of calls or meetings) after starting work in the firm (from 5 to 10 situations).

Coaching during the first 3 months (once-a-month review of results and further advice).

Training on the determination of the customers’ personality types according to the DISC profiles.

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