Personnel selection

We offer professional assistance in personnel selection. We know where to look, how to evaluate and how to properly motivate a jobseeker to work in the company.

Personnel selection outsourcing

The service of personnel selection outsourcing implies the delegation of functions to search for and select personnel to a team of professionals from CV PARTNER OÜ.

Mass recruitment

When a company has to recruit a large number of specialists during a short period of time, the usual tactic of personnel search turns out to be powerless.

Assistance to jobseekers. Compilation and placement of resumes.

When looking for a job, the key is to have a ``right`` resume, which, first of all, should be clear (structured, understandable).

Search for and training of new employees to a sales department.

We offer a service that is unmatched in Estonia. The uniqueness of the service is that you do not have to train a new employee.

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